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September 2021
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Science and Technology Week in the Slovak Republic

Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information and National Centre for Popularisation of Science and Technology in Society has been preparing and organizing the Science and Technology Week in the Slovak Republic. Its goal is to increase awareness of the public about the work of science and technology in society and in everyday life, to support and increase interest of young people about science and technology and their careers in science, as well as to support participation of the public in development in science and technology and transfer this knowledge to society via intensive dialogue with the public. Science is above all a quest for knowledge and how it can be used to improve our lives and our world. Science and Technology Week's mission is to create a totally new perspective on science. But Science Week is more than a ‚quest for knowledge‘, it is also about having fun. The emphasis is on showing, rather than telling, Europeans and Slovak too, how science and technology affects them, from the simplest gadgets to the most sophisticated technology. Science and Technology Week wants to bring the challenges and excitement of the world of science to young people around Slovakia. In so doing, it hopes to rekindle scientific education, and to provide a beacon for the future of science and technology in Slovakia and beyond. Science Week is a great opportunity for school groups to learn and participate in some stimulating science activities, as well as having some fun and excitement with their families and communities.

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